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Rick Shaw’s Latest Effort – Genesis Renewed

Genesis Renewed Saga chronicles the rebirth of mankind. A celestial pathogen brings a near-extinction event for the human species. Our story follows Dave Sharp and a group of survivors gathered with him. Initially concerned only with the protection of what remains of his family, the scope of devastation that has befallen mankind pushes him into action.

Once a Marine, always a Marine… as they say. As with many veterans, his oath doesn’t end with his enlistment. But what if what he once served no longer exists? He struggles with how much of what remains of our old norms and values remain or should be preserved. What will need to change to fit our new realities? And what has become of the nation he once served.

As of today, and the launch of Genesis Renewed, I anticipate the series being a five, or six, book run. The next two – Oaths and Odysseys and Genesis Alone- are coming out in early spring and summer of 2024.