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Look for The Tunguska Deception

We’re very pleased to announce the publication date of The Tunguska Deception, by Rick Shaw.

In June of 1908, Earth experienced a glancing blow by a comet, or some similar galactic body. No debris was recovered, yet it flattened thousands of square miles of Siberian forest. What really happened over a hundred years ago that is still classified at the higest levels of two world powers?

By blind luck, or some intricate design, Finn Moffett and Echo Onsoillan find themselves dragged into a storm of Russian agents, symbiotic aliens, and their own government’s plans within plans. Forced to keep a secret worth killing for, the pair simply want to escape these events with their lives. On the run, and on their own, what’s the solution to their unique burden?

The Tunguska Deception is available via Kindle Unlimited, as well as for purchase on Kindle and in Print.