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About Us

2FBooks is a veteran owned small indy press focused on providing a platform for veterans of the US Armed Forces to tell their stories. Established by Rick Shaw in 2022, 2FBooks published its first two books in 2023.

We’re not interested in memoirs, non-fiction, or textbooks. We’re looking to support vets interested in Science Fiction focused on the paranormal, alt-history, historical fiction, post-apocalyptic, space opera, etc., with the unique voice that only someone who has served can provide – and if you’re mixing and matching across genre so much the better.

There are plenty of pathways to self-publishing, and if you are technically incline, we encourage you to purse that path. But for some, who simply want to get their stories out there, and leave the technology and business side to someone else, we would like to be your partner in that path.

Watch our submissions page for criteria and an open call in late June 2024.

Rick Shaw